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Dear friends,

Today was the perfect way to wrap up our time together in Grade5/6. We laughed, we got messy, some nailed it, some failed it, we cleaned up and we even learned a little along the way. Just one more assembly and a bit of time in class together and it will finally be here… SUMMER!!!

Thank you to my amazing students. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future, you all have purpose and giftings. Use them for good! I hope you will always remember you have a teacher who believes in you!

Thank you parents, your support and encouragement this year has been so wonderful. I appreciate that you have allowed me to journey along side your precious children, I hope I have done so with enough intention and care that you are satisfied. Your children are remarkable. Each student has grown this year and it was my pleasure to walk alongside them!

Please come visit me next year. Have a safe summer.

Signing off, yours truly!

Ms. Froyland

p.s. Please make sure all your personal belongs are removed from the classroom and you have checked the school lost and found one last time!

Celebration of Learning:

Nailed it or Failed it?

Smash it:

Off to High School:


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