Chromebooks: A gentle reminder

Hello Highroad Families!

We know that each student having their own dedicated computer at home is a change that can both make learning fun and productive. At the same time, these tools can pose new challenges that adults have to help a child manage. 

To help parents and students, Highroad Academy has installed:

  • Filters to ensure that  your child will not be able to access anything on the Chromebook at home that they would not also be able to access from the classroom.
  • A system that stores a student’s history and actions while online which is viewable by their teacher.

However, no system is perfect and parent support is crucial in helping students communicate with and use the chromebooks productively. 

Please continue reminding your child that:

  • They should be respectful, kind, and honest when on the Internet.
  • Their actions online can be seen by their teachers and others.
  • Their devices should be treated carefully and with respect.

You can also help by keeping computers and devices visible for your attention at home as students are using their devices. 

We understand that families are doing their best and we want to thank you for all the work you are doing at home with your child during this difficult time. 

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