May 11th-15th

Dear grade 6 students and parents,

Please check your email inbox for important information from HRA. Mr. Morris will host a ZOOM call next week updating parents on changes as a result of shifting social restrictions. HRA Uniform Committee also had an important announcement about uniform fittings and orders.

This week I will be asking students to consider what makes them hopeful! Check out this great article from Kids Help Phone to see how you can support your child in hoping!

Fostering hope: How to build resilience in youth

In science, we will be starting a new unit exploring the topic of space. Areas of exploration will include the overall scale, structure, and age of the universe. We will also explore the position, motion, and components of our solar system in our galaxy. It is an exciting unit to teach to say the least.

It is important to begin our study and exploration of this unit from our unique worldview. Science and faith might seem at odds but I actually believe they go together. “God created the universe with a system of scientific laws and principles that we get the privilege of exploring and learning about. Having said that, none of us were present at the start of the world, so all of our theories are based on observations and data we can collect many years after the event AND we aren’t told in the bible HOW God created, just that He did.” -Mrs. Johnsrude, HRA Science Teacher

 You are welcome to use these resources to explore faith concerning space science to discuss with your child:

Please find the Weekly Overview and Daily Agenda attached (PDF).

Agenda May 11th-15th

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


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