Grade 7 (Reminder from Mrs. Lade)

The following information was shared last week via email with all Grade 7 parents. Just a reminder for you!


Hello Families:

In the midst of all the excitement that is 2020, we are making plans to welcome your student to our high school department next year! At this point, we have been told to plan for school ‘as usual’ in the fall, and we shall see how things progress as we get closer, but I wanted to make sure to provide you with some information as this important transition approaches. While I’m the Vice Principal at Highroad, I’m also the high school department coordinator, and I oversee the student programs for our grade 7-12 students. I’m a Highroad grad myself, and I have spent most of my life at Highroad. I work with an excellent team of high school teachers and we are all excited to welcome your students.

Usually for grade 7 transition, we do a meeting with the kids that includes a tour, then a parent meeting as well. But of course, this year, things are a bit different.

I am sending you some info to read, then next Wednesday, I will host a Google Meet for all the STUDENTS heading into grade 7 next year, and on Friday, there will be a meeting for all PARENTS/ care givers to answer questions you may have about your students entering the khaki pants phase of Highroad education.

I know that because this is new, it can represent some angst for students and parents, but we are here for you! We do this every year and we consistently work on making this the best process possible for every student and for their families. It starts with providing some info that hopefully will answer some of the questions you have. Please read through the attached info and make it available to your students to read, and I look forward to seeing you and your student at the upcoming meetings.


Mrs. Julie Lade, Vice Principal, Highroad Academy

STUDENT MEETING: Wednesday, June 3 at 1 pm:

Hangouts Meet joining info


PARENT MEETING:  Friday, June 5 at 4 pm:

Hangouts Meet joining info

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