Report Card Pick Up


Friday, June 26th, 2020

The drive thru BEGINS at 9 am and will end at 12 pm.

Families will need to enter from BROADWAY due to the construction.

ALL families are invited to come between 9 and 12. There is no alphabetical distinction.

When families arrive, we’d once again like them to have a sign in their vehicle with their family name clearly displayed.

Proceed through the drive thru and hand in chromebooks, text books, library books, or any other Highroad items.

RECEIVE report card, yearbook, or yearbook(s) if you ordered additional, and any remaining desk items for elementary students.

Families are welcome to have friends or family members represent them if they cannot get to the school during this time. We just ask that they have the family names for any families they are representing visible in their vehicles.

There is also the option to drop off Highroad items next week in the school foyer; however, report cards and yearbooks and not available until June 26. If a family does not receive theirs during this time, they can come in once the office is open again in August.

For families that want to drop off Highroad items next week, if you feel this is something your students might need to do, in order not to inundate our office staff, we will set up some tables in the foyer for this purpose. Anyone dropping anything off should put a NOTE on the item with who it is from, and who it is FOR.

I will place student materials on this table for pick up (art, comfort kit, duotangs).

Watch email for specific detials!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

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