(Email Message) Warmest Welcome to Grade 6

Dear Grade 6 community,

I am so excited to begin this year growing together. As we get started I want to recognize that this year will have its own challenges and triumphs, I also want to assure you that I am right here with you in the excitement and learning process. Together we will grow with purpose along the way. I can’t wait to get to know your child’s strengths, better understand the your child’s growth areas and special giftings. I will do my best to meet each student just where they are and foster growth as we make our way through grade 6 together!

School supplies: 

Please label all student supplies. In addition to labeling supplies, please unpack all materials and help your child organize themselves as much as possible before the first day of class. The first few days back are very exciting, having school supplies ready to go helps support students as they organize their new lockers and desks eliminating a degree of chaos for your child in the classroom.

See blog for an example of how students will organize supplies this year.


Classroom Location:

Your child will be in Portable 6 located beside the library.

Entering and Exiting the Portable:

Student will enter through the EAST facing (back) door. This will allow students to wash their hands upon entering the classroom and then organize their personal items in the locker area. Students generally exit the classroom through the WEST door.

If you happen to stop in to visit us, please knock on the WEST facing door.

On Tuesday morning we will be entering through the EAST facing door, there will be a sign to direct you where to go in case you aren’t sure! You are welcome to escort your child to the portable but will be unable to enter the classroom at this time.

Bell Times:

8:45 am Portable 6 will be open for your student to enter. Upon entering the classroom ALL students will first wash hands, then proceed to prepare for the day.

8:55 am Class begins:  If a student comes late to school, please come directly to portable 6 and follow morning routine (enter through east facing door). Wash hands first, then quietly prepare for the day.

2:55 pm Class dismissal: Student will line up outside and will await pick up.

*see class blog for daily schedule


Grade 6 students are not required to wear masks but are welcome to if they wish to. Please consider ensuring students have one clean mask with them at school in the event they may need to/choose to wear it.

Sept. 8th/First 1/2 Day Back

8:45 am Parents are welcome to bring students to Portable 6 (beside library) but will not be able to accompany students inside class at this time. Please maintain distance when necessary. I will be at the door to welcome students, please be patient as we all come in and get settled, routines will take some time to establish.

8:55 am Bell. First day of class begins in earnest!

For those students feeling anxious about the routine it might help to know what the morning will look like. Listed below is a general plan for the morning.

1. Enter class/wash hands

2. Put supplies in locker (assigned)

3. Sit in desk/get started on a drawing activity

4. Attendance/Prayer

5. Ice breaker game

6. Sanitize/Recess

7. Wash hands/Read aloud/Snack/Sanitize

8. Organize materials

9. Classroom Expectations/Routines

10. End of day routine/Sanitize/Dismissal

12:00 pm Please meet students in parking lot. 


Covid information:

Please refer to the school website (linked below) for information when possible or contact the school office with questions or concerns. If there is an issue related to classroom specific concerns contact your child’s teacher directly.



Classroom Blog:

It is important you visit the classroom blog once you receive this email.


Subscribe to blog! It is our primary source of communication. Please take a look around the blog for general classroom information and learn a little more about who I am.

Once subscribed to the blog, all posts will be sent to you in an email. I will use this blog as a primary source of communication with parents, please do read all posts. As we start they year,  blog posts may be more frequent but I do try to communicate once a week as a general rule through this platform.

It is my privilege and pleasure to call myself your child’s teacher. Although Grade 6 may be beginning a little differently this year, it holds exciting growth and potential!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Kirsten Froyland


p.s. Please remember to complete a health check before your grade 6 student attends school each morning!







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