April 19th-23rd

Dear grade 6 community,

This week students worked SO hard in grade 6! Thank you for your support from home. As the weather improves, students tend to transition from the first photo to the later, how fitting the photographer captured this sentiment! While this may be the trend, our little class continue to grow academically, socially and engage in their tasks. A big thanks to Leah Riley for making class photos possible in these strange times.

Interim reports will come home on April 23rd. These are a general snapshot of how term two has progressed for your child. It is a time to dig out that first term report card, examine goals, check in and set a course for the final part of their grade 6 journey (and elementary experience)!

You will be hearing from Mrs. Lade (High School Vice principal) in the coming weeks regarding transition plans for grade 7! Change is coming, however, let us also enjoy this time in grade 6 without worrying for the future. God has your children’s bright future in his hands! They are on the best path for them. Continue to guide them, love them, encourage them and hold them accountable. The good habits they develop now will serve their future!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

P.s. Have you noticed changes in your child’s emotional regulation? Are they more interested in listening to adult conversations? Has their ability to consider abstract concepts improved? Their brains are changing. Follow the link to see how you child’s brain continues to develop and grow!


Upcoming dates:

April 21- Bible Memory Verse Test: 1 Chronicles 16:33
April 23 – Interim Reports Cards come home
April 23 – Knights Day
April 28 – Intermediate Chapel (N. Harder, J. Orell, J. Scholtz, R. Goosen, J. Lee, Z. Ellis, K. Yu, E. Larsson)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Isaiah 55:12
April 30 – Pro-D Day


Please note REVISED DATE:

Elementary/HS end dates – June 18 for elementary (12:00pm) 

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