June 7th-11th

Me again!
Sorry for all the posts lately, this is the last of the week I promise. Please congratulate all athletes today. When I checked in for their HIGH/LOW/CHEER (something good/something hard today/someone who lifted them up somehow) they mostly responded with a success in one track event, a track event that pushed their limit and a friend or classmate who spoke encouraging words to them! Such a proud day for me as a teacher, it is so fun to see my class fly!
Peace and grace,
Ms. Froyland

Upcoming dates:

June 4 – Intermediate Track Meet @HRA
June 7- Highschool Tour (grade 6 in school 1:45)/Parent Meeting: Link to be emailed by Mrs. Lade
June 8-Neuron Label Quiz
June 9- Bible Verse (no memory) Psalm 121
Chapel Team: Jaison, Michael, Riley, Jadon, Emma, Lyla, Zyana
June 15 – Intermediate Fun Day
June 18 – Last Day of School (HALF DAY-pick up at noon)

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