Sept. 20th-24th


Dear grade 6 community,

We have had a busy week and a productive work week! Please be sure to check your emails from the HRA administrators regarding important information for parents. If you would like your child to participate in volleyball or cross country running please check the previous post for more information!

With the imminent federal election grade 6 students have been busy learning about the democratic process in Social Studies. In addition to learning about our local candidates and creating a PowerPoint presentation, grade 6 students have also facilitated an election in both the grade 2 and grade 2/3 classes.

Picture day was a great success, students looked their best and we look forward to those sweet grade 6 photos coming in!

In Math, we are working on patterns and algebra using multiplication, division, repeating patterns, extending patterns, and pattern rules. Next week we will explore tables of values, variables, finding rules (one operation), and two types of pattern rules.

In Art this week students learned about the Austin Butterfly effect. Please ask them about Austin and what happened when he applied constructive feedback to his work. Ask you child about their first draft and second drafts too!

In Language Arts students have started our first novel study, a classic called The King’s Equal. We will compare types of government (monarchy vs. democracy) and explore character traits (fruits of the spirit) examples from the novel. As we move forward in this unit, students will create and make a board game as their final project! We will also host a classroom feast and games day to wrap things up (early October).

In French students are working on basic greetings and introductions.

In Science, students have explored growth mindset and metacognition. Next week they will complete a small research project on well know people who have used a growth mindset to achieve great things! We also explored what the Bible says about striving for a growth mindset.

In PE we are doing a unit on soccer. While we are practicing skills we are also emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship. All year students will be challenged to keep the HRA Knight’s motto in mind (Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence) on and off the field.

In Chapel this week students learned about the posture of our hearts through the Parable of the Sower (Luke 8:4-15). It was amazing to see all the kiddos up on stage leading worship! Check the Worship Leadership list and planners for the team next week.

Warm regards,

Ms. Froyland

Worship Team (Sept. 21st @ 8:00):

B.R, O.P., I.J., M.V., M.V, L.T., J.F., J.N., G.R., M.J., A.H.

*Contact Mrs. Dekoff if you are unable to participate

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 21- Chapel- Grade 6 Worship Team

Sept. 22 – Terry Fox Day/Guest Speaker in Grade 6
Sept. 24- Ms. Froyland away from class- Substitute teacher

Sept. 29 – Orange Shirt Day
Sept. 30 – Truth And Reconciliation Day- No School

Oct. 1 – PD Day
Oct. 11 – Thanksgiving-No School 

Oct. 13 – Fall Colours DayOct. 22 – PD Day
Nov. 7 – Daylight Savings Time – Set your clocks back!
Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day – School ClosedNov. 12 – PDNov. 17 – Jersey Day
Nov. 26 – Parent/Teacher Interviews
Dec. 15 – Christmas Sweaters Day
Dec. 18 – Christmas Break



First Week Review/Looking forward to September 13th-17th


Dear grade 6 community,

We did it! Week one concluded and all is well. This week we focused on settling into routines, especially concerning Covid protocols. Students will continue to adhere to protocols as we continue to adjust to the new way of managing the challenges Covid. I appreciate the children’s earnest efforts to maintain distance when possible and wash their hands. Dr. Henry would be pleased to hear Grade 6 are wonderful examples of the motto “be kind, be safe, wash your hands.”

Another focus this week was to recognize the little ways we can grow in faith and love. I observed students practice small and big acts of kindness to one another. We also learned mistakes are opportunities to grow. We will continue this theme in week two.

Regarding drop-off in the morning, our administration asked me to pass along this message:

Thank you for a wonderful start to the school year. We also want to thank you for taking the time to do your health checks with your children! Just a note to our fabulous parents on our school starting time! Our school doors will be opening at our traditional time of 8:55. Classrooms will be closed until that time as teachers work hard to prepare classroom materials, set up their classrooms, and participate in before-school meetings. We encourage parents to try to arrive at the school between 8:45 and 8:55. However, if students arrive earlier, they can head to the playground where we will have supervision. At 8:55, the school bell will ring and students will be welcomed into the school. On days that are extreme rain days, students will be brought into the gym. Students can enter the gym through the side gym door and head to their grade area. On these rainy days, we would again encourage families to try and bring students as close to the start of school as possible as activities will be limited in the gym.

Concerning students exhibiting any symptoms of illness, thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping them home until they are nonsymptomatic. I can appreciate this is difficult but it continues to be the guidelines we are to adhere to for the time being.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Important Upcoming Dates:

*see email from school office about hot lunches

Sept. 10 – Chromebook Policy sent home/Knights Day (Every Friday)

Sept. 15 – Intermediate Chapel Starts (see planners for worship team information)

Sept. 16 – PICTURE DAY

Sept. 17 – Knights Day (Every Friday)

Sept. 20 – National Election Day- Student vote 

Sept. 24 – Knights Day (Every Friday)

Sept. 29 – Orange Shirt Day 

For more information on Reconciliation and the orange shirt project visit:

Sept. 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation- No school


*A note about the artist: I have found the work of Morgan Harper Nichols inspired and soothing in these uncertain times. Please check out her website for more information. I am especially inspired by her story, she shares vulnerable about her autism dianogis in her blog. I love how she flips stereotypes we might hold about this community and speaks joy, hope, and love into the world!


(Email) Welcome to Grade 6

Dear Grade 6 community,

I am so excited to begin this year growing together. As we get started I want to recognize that this year will have its own challenges and triumphs, I also want to assure you that I am right here with you in the excitement and learning process. Together we will grow with purpose along the way. I can’t wait to get to know your child’s strengths, better understand your child’s growth areas and special giftings. I will do my best to meet each student just where they are and foster growth as we make our way through grade 6 together!

School supplies: 

Please label all student supplies. In addition to labeling supplies, please unpack all materials and help your child organize themselves as much as possible before the first day of class. The first few days back are very exciting, having school supplies ready to go helps support students as they organize their new lockers and desks eliminating a degree of chaos for your child in the classroom.

See the blog for an example of how students will organize supplies this year.

Classroom Location:

Your child will be in Portable 6 located beside the library.

Entering and Exiting the Portable:

The student will enter through the WEST facing door. This will allow students to wash their hands upon entering the classroom and then organize their personal items in the locker area. Students generally exit the classroom through the WEST door.

If you happen to stop in to visit us, please knock on the WEST facing door.

On Tuesday morning we will be entering through the EAST facing door, there will be a sign to direct you where to go in case you aren’t sure! You are welcome to escort your child to the portable but will be unable to enter the classroom at this time.

Bell Times:

8:45 am Portable 6 will be open for your student to enter. Upon entering the classroom ALL students will first wash their hands, then proceed to prepare for the day.

8:55 am Class begins:  If a student comes late to school, please come directly to portable 6 and follow the morning routine (enter through a west-facing door). Wash hands first, then quietly prepare for the day.

2:55 pm Class dismissal: Students will line up outside and will await pick up.

*see class blog for daily schedule


Grade 6 students are not required to wear masks but are welcome to if they wish to. Please consider ensuring students have one clean mask with them at school in the event they may need to/choose to wear it.

Sept. 8th/First 1/2 Day Back

8:45 am Parents are welcome to bring students to Portable 6 (beside library) but will not be able to accompany students inside the class at this time. Please maintain distance when necessary. I will be at the door to welcome students, please be patient as we all come in and get settled, routines will take some time to establish.

8:55 am Bell: The first day of class begins in earnest!

For those students feeling anxious about the routine, it might help to know what the morning will look like. Listed below is a general plan for the morning.

1. Enter class/wash hands

2. Put supplies in lockers (assigned)

3. Sit at desk/get started on a drawing activity

4. Attendance/Prayer

5. Ice breaker game

6. Sanitize/Recess

7. Wash hands/Read aloud/Snack/Sanitize

8. Organize materials

9. Classroom Expectations/Routines

10. End of day routine/Sanitize/Dismissal

12:00 pm Please meet students in the parking lot. 


Covid information:

Please refer to the school website (linked below) for information when possible or contact the school office with questions or concerns. If there is an issue related to classroom-specific concerns contact your child’s teacher directly.

Classroom Blog:

It is important you visit the classroom blog once you receive this email.

Subscribe to the blog! It is our primary source of communication. Please take a look around the blog for general classroom information and learn a little more about who I am.

Once subscribed to the blog, all posts will be sent to you in an email. I will use this blog as a primary source of communication with parents, please do read all posts. As we start the year,  blog posts may be more frequent but I do try to communicate once a week as a general rule through this platform.

It is my privilege and pleasure to call myself your child’s teacher. Although Grade 6 may be beginning a little differently this year, it holds exciting growth and potential!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Kirsten Froyland

p.s. Please remember to complete a health check before your grade 6 student attends school each morning!


Get to know your the teacher

Dear Grade 6 parents and students,

I am so excited to share the new school year with you. This year I hope you will grow, learn, connect, serve and persevere as a community striving to do your best academically, socially, and spiritually!

Adventurous and energetic are words that are often used to describe me! I love God’s amazing creation. When I am not in the classroom, I can be found exploring British Columbia by foot, bicycle, canoe, and skis. One of my greatest joys is sharing my love of adventure with my young family and husband. The students may report I have interesting pets. It is true, our dog has a very special job and our cat is in charge of Neighbourhood Watch. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana Lutheran University in Camrose, Alberta. I also hold a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina. At university, I focused my studies on Outdoor Experiential Education and Northern Studies, and I am currently working on a Masters’s degree. I have experience teaching in remote communities in the Yukon, and in dynamic classrooms with Special Needs students. My personal educational philosophy can be summed up in this statement: love generously, learn constantly. An area in my life I also love to share about is an organization called Himalayan Life (; this movement is changing kids’ lives in Nepal through education, intervention, and innovative projects that empower powerless and marginalized street children.

I have set our theme verse for this year to be Ephesians 1:17-19 (MSG):

15-19 That’s why, when I heard of the solid trust you have in the Master Jesus and your outpouring of love to all the followers of Jesus, I couldn’t stop thanking God for you—every time I prayed, I’d think of you and give thanks. But I do more than thank you. I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life he has for his followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!

I am looking forward to getting to know you as we grow, learn, connect and serve together this year at HRA! I intend to use this blog as the primary communication from the classroom to home along with the Student Planner. Please use email to communicate when possible or stop by the classroom with any questions you may have. Let’s help all our daughters and sons grow and develop with a unique purpose this year!


Ms. Kirsten Froyland


School Supplies

Getting organized in the first few days of school can help ease anxious feelings about starting a new year. To support your student and their teacher please use this guide and photos to organize school supplies this year.

Thank you for your support in this area!

Ms. Froyland


  • labeled
  • dividers inserted and secured
  • transparent page protectors secured in the back of the binder


  • labeled

Tool kit (pencil case):

  • a few sharp pencils
  • a few pens
  • 1 glue stick
  • scissors
  • headphones
  • 1 eraser
  • calculator
  • 1 sharpie
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 dry erase marker

Extra Material Bag:

  • All other supplies and be placed in an extra supply bag. Students will have access to these materials but they will be out of desks allowing for students to organize themselves a little easier.
  • oil pastels

PE Strip:

  • (Consider sending a water bottle this year)
  • Gym strip in a bag with shoes
  • All items labeled


  • labeled

Thank you/Signing off for the summer


Hello to the new GRADE 7 class!

Just a few housekeeping items to take care of before I sign off for the summer.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, letters, cards, and thoughtful gifts. It really touched my heart to be a part of your journey through this challenging school year.

  1. The students seemed keen to stay in touch over the summer. Sometimes the apps and platforms used online for this can be risky, if you are concerned your child is being targeted online, check out this link for support:
  2. You can officially unsubscribe to the blog!
  3. I look forward to hearing all about your safe summer adventures in the fall, be sure to stop by portable 6 to say hello.

Have a safe and lovely summer! Remember to love generously and learn constantly!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland



Dear future grade 7 students,

You have made it. This year has been unique! I am so thankful to have been able to call myself your teacher for the past ten months. Know you have taught me a great deal! 

My student, may you grow in faith, wonder and curiosity. May you always love generously and learn constantly. Be safe this summer. Shine light in the world, do not be afraid. You are just who you need to be, who God needs you to be. Know your teacher is proud of you. Go in peace! 


Ms. Froyland


Dear parents of future grade 7 students,

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of teaching your children. This year, although did not unfold as we might have predicted is marked with growth from each of your children.

I have appreciated your kind words and the support you have offered your children as we navigated the uncertainty of these times.

Your children are remarkable. They will do great things, they are ready for the next phase of learning. Continue to encourage them to grow in independence and confidence. Believe in them, hold space for both their mistakes and their victories for there will be many. Help them to learn constantly and love generously.

Be safe this summer, explore, adventure and rest.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland



*This class has loved music so much, I have only permitted them to listen to limited music in class but as a final project the kids have compiled a list of songs (mostly christian) that make them happy, pump them up, encourage them, lift them up when sad and calm them down. I tried to moderate the contributions. Not all songs are for everything one and that is okay too. You are welcome to use this link to access the students play list compiled this week in class. If there are any questionable songs, please email me to alert me and I will address those selections.