Ms. Froyland Practices Growth Mindset/LOVE DOES

Dear class,

Starting today, I am embarking on a challenge to climb Mt. Everest (virtually) to remember the street children of Nepal.

Check it out the link and videos.

Please, DO NOT feel any pressure to donate. I simply wanted to share with the students my passion for children of Nepal and model the concepts of Growth Mindset and LOVE DOES in action! We all can do hard things!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


The Everest Challenge

p.s.s we are the Fraser Valley Climbers

Ready or Not!

Dear students and parents,

Monday (June 1st) marks another important milestone for this process of education during this pandemic. Some students will return to school while others will stay home, all students will continue to be embraced as my students! All students will have opportunity to learn and engage in our classroom community.

To be vulnerable, this process has been “great”. At times it has been productive and a good challenge, at times it has felt like too great to bare. Through it all, I have and continue to appreciate your compassion and grace for your children and their teacher!

I am posting the “tentative” plans for next week. I thought for those returning, it might ease parent curiosity to know what the day will look like. For those not returning, our week will look similar to past weeks but might be a little flexible due to a new added aspect of students returning to school.

Agenda June 1st-5th

(Tentative) Agenda June 1st_2nd, 8th_9th, 15th_16th (1)

Please consider we are getting close to the end. This may have been a positive process for your student, this may have been really challenging. Please do read this article. It may help you better understand your attitude or your child’s attitude and feelings as we work to both finish strong and hold awareness for how much we have been asked to face.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

P.S. Maybe some of these images resonate with you, a few did for me!

Reopening Information

Dear parents,

Starting on June 1, classes will be reopening for students to return. In preparation for students returning, we wanted to share some information based on what we know right now. In these strange and interesting times, these plans may change as the first day back arrives and we see how things flow. However, I wanted to connect with you and provide you with some items to consider.

First of all, as the BC Government has stated, returning to school is voluntary. After reviewing the plans laid out by our school admin, you are able to decide what is best for your child and decide whether to send your child back to school.

Here is a list of changes and procedures we have developed to help follow the social distancing and safety guidelines and recommendations put forward by the BC government:

  • Student Health: Prior to sending your child to school each morning, we would ask that you check for signs of illness, including taking your child’s temperature. If you find signs of a fever or other signs of illness, we would ask that you keep your child at home. Whether you feel that it might be allergies or something else not Covid related, we would rather you err on the safe side. If a child shows signs of illness while at school, students will be isolated and parents informed that their child needs to be picked up immediately.
  • Students will be returning in smaller groups. As recommended by the BC Government, class sizes are being split in half to accommodate social distancing guidelines. At this point, the school admin have designated Mondays and Wednesdays as the days for students with last names starting from A-L. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be for students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z. Unfortunately, we can not consider placing students based on friendship groupings as that becomes too difficult logistically. 
  • Blogs and Google Classroom will still be used to provide learning activities for all students. Students returning to school will do a combination of activities related to what has been posted online and extension/supplementary activities along with Health/Bible, Library and Gym. Grade 6 students will not have library periods during their time at school. Students staying at home will still be able to access the activities provided online. However, items like morning meetings, instructional videos, read alouds, etc. will not be provided as teachers work to maintain in-class learning.
  • Our school week will also look a little different. We will be starting school at the normal time. However, we will be ending school at 2:30. This allows teachers the opportunity to contact students who are at home. In school classes will also not be operating on Fridays, to allow teachers time to connect with students at home. 

For Grade 6: Students will only be in school on Mondays (Students with last names starting with A-L) and Tuesdays (Students with last names starting with M-Z) depending on their last name. The rest of the week, Grade 6 teachers will continue to be available to connect with students at home, answering questions and checking-in.

  • School drop-off and pick-up procedures: In order to minimize the number of students congregating before and after school, we would ask that you attempt to drop your child off as close to the starting bell as possible so that students can go to class right away. Classes will be open at 8:45. At the end of the day, students will be taken outside by their teacher and lined-up. Parents can collect their child from the line-up or children will be released as their parents are spotted arriving in their vehicles. As we are trying to minimize numbers of students congregating and practice social distancing, students can not be released straight from classrooms to the playgrounds or field areas. Please collect your child as close to 2:30 as possible. 
  • Uniforms and Gym: Students are allowed to wear their Knight clothes to school instead of their school uniforms. Students will not be changing for gym classes and will not need their PE uniforms.
  • Recesses and lunch will be staggered to keep the number of students in our outdoor spaces to a minimum. Students will be encouraged to avoid physical contact with other students while inside and outside.
  • Please bring water bottles: As our water fountains will be closed to students, students should bring a refillable water bottle.
  • Supplies: For those students returning, please send all materials that were sent home so that students have items to use while at school. Glue, scissors, coloured pencils, Chromebooks, etc will all be useful for students upon returning. Most items will be able to be kept in school in bags. Chromebooks will go back and forth with students. 
  • Social Distancing Considerations: While we will attempt to follow the guidelines set out by the BC Government as best as possible, students may still be in close contact with other students. However, especially during outside periods, the focus will be on limiting physical human contact between students. Students and staff will have the option of wearing masks while at school. Desks will be reduced and spaced to provide distance between students, while in class and hand washing will be done several times a day. While the Government has stated that outdoor playgrounds are safe to use, staggered recesses, closing the Ga-Ga Ball pit and specifying that there should be no physical contact will all be put into place to help with social distancing.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

We miss seeing all our students. Their smiles, laughter, sparkling eyes and individual personalities are all things we have missed tremendously over these last weeks. We recognize that this reopening is not school as normal. Highroad Academy is working hard to provide a safe environment for our students while also trying to provide an opportunity for students to connect with their teachers and fellow classmates before the end of the year. However, we certainly understand if the guidelines feel too onerous or scary for your child. With the information that has been provided, please feel free to make your decision based on your own family and circumstances. If you have any further questions, please email our Elementary Department Head, Ian Hancock, to get more information.

To all the amazing families we have at Highroad who have journeyed with us in these trying times, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your support and prayers. Whichever decision you make, please know that we are praying for you, missing you and looking forward to the day when we will be together again as a Highroad community.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


(Tutorial) Math: Transformation Assignment

Hi all,

Just a quick note to acknowledge the challenge the math assignment presents this week. Please see the video for an explanation and some support. If possible try supporting your child from home with the tips in the video.

I am available tomorrow at 9:30 am after devotions to work with students who need teacher support.

Hopefully the link will take you into the Google Classroom to a video I have created for you. If not, ask your child to go into the Math area and access the video directly through the google classroom platform.

Sorry for any stress this has caused! I know my students can do it.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


May 25th-May 29th

Dear parents and students,

Please watch your doorsteps for a small package of student work this weekend. Student will need to hang onto the assignment pages to complete an upcoming activity. If you address has changed, please email me your current address (

I am not sure what the next few weeks will hold. Please watch your email inbox for very important information from HRA administration as we continue to require information from families to inform the return to school plans.

In the meantime, distance learning will continue for next week in the routine we have established. Please find the Agenda attached. All assignments will be ready for students in our Google Classrooms.

Agenda May 25th-29th

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

May 19th-May20th

Dear parents and students,

This week brought news of a big change coming to the routine we have come to know  of “crisis Covid schooling” expected to take place on June 1st! I can not offer you any more details at this time other than to assure you, the administration of HRA is working hard to plan for a safe return to school. We can expect the classroom to be different as we embrace social distancing while at school to keep all safe.

Please check your email inbox for a HRA family survey and respond before Friday @ 3:00 pm.

We will continue with established routines for the next two for online/distance learning. Please find the PDF for next week below.

Agenda May 19th-22th (2)

One more survey to consider, this week Dr. Bonnie Henry requested BC citizens visit the BC CDC website to complete the “Your Story, Our Future” survey.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland



HRA Parent Meet

HRA Parent Meet

May 12, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 956 1444 8631

Password: Please see parent email for password

One tap mobile

+17789072071,,95614448631#,,1#,450883# Canada

+14388097799,,95614448631#,,1#,450883# Canada

Dial by your location

+1 778 907 2071 Canada

+1 438 809 7799 Canada

+1 587 328 1099 Canada

+1 647 374 4685 Canada

+1 647 558 0588 Canada

+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Meeting ID: 956 1444 8631

Password: 450883

Find your local number:

May 11th-15th

Dear grade 6 students and parents,

Please check your email inbox for important information from HRA. Mr. Morris will host a ZOOM call next week updating parents on changes as a result of shifting social restrictions. HRA Uniform Committee also had an important announcement about uniform fittings and orders.

This week I will be asking students to consider what makes them hopeful! Check out this great article from Kids Help Phone to see how you can support your child in hoping!

Fostering hope: How to build resilience in youth

In science, we will be starting a new unit exploring the topic of space. Areas of exploration will include the overall scale, structure, and age of the universe. We will also explore the position, motion, and components of our solar system in our galaxy. It is an exciting unit to teach to say the least.

It is important to begin our study and exploration of this unit from our unique worldview. Science and faith might seem at odds but I actually believe they go together. “God created the universe with a system of scientific laws and principles that we get the privilege of exploring and learning about. Having said that, none of us were present at the start of the world, so all of our theories are based on observations and data we can collect many years after the event AND we aren’t told in the bible HOW God created, just that He did.” -Mrs. Johnsrude, HRA Science Teacher

 You are welcome to use these resources to explore faith concerning space science to discuss with your child:

Please find the Weekly Overview and Daily Agenda attached (PDF).

Agenda May 11th-15th

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


Twitter & Broken Link (Student/Parent/Teacher Conference) Fixed


Last week I asked students to consider three questions they would like to ask the author of the novel they are studying. During this time of isolation I thought maybe we could make the world feel a little less out of reach. I have used Twitter as a platform to reach out to each author! I can’t wait to see if we get a few replies. follow the link with your child to check for updates.

* The account is in my name and all communication via twitter will flow through this account. Students are NOT to open their own accounts.

Student/Parent/Teacher Conference

So sorry for the error with the link. I have made the adjustments. If you would like a conference with your student please fill out the form.