You have come so far: Notes from Ms. Froyland

Dear future grade 7 students,

You have made it. This year has been unique! I am so thankful to have been able to call myself your teacher for the past nine months. Know you have taught me a great deal! 

My student, may you grow in faith, wonder and curiosity. May you always love generously and learn constantly. Be safe this summer. Shine light in the world, do not be afraid. You are just who you need to be, who God needs you to be. Know your teacher is proud of you. Go in peace! 


Ms. Froyland


Dear parents of future grade 7 students,

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of teaching your children. This year, although did not unfold as we might have predicted is marked with growth from each of your children.

I have appreciated your kind words and the support you have offered your children as we navigated the uncertainty of these times.

Your children are remarkable. They will do great things, they are ready for the next phase of learning. Continue to encourage them to grow in independence and confidence. Believe in them, hold space for both their mistakes and their victories for there will be many. Help them to learn constantly and love generously.

Be safe this summer, explore, adventure and rest.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Report Card/Student Materials Pick Up

All I have to return to your student is the art that they have completed this year, a few empty duotangs and the comfort kits.  I will be in my classroom if you want to pick this up Monday & Tuesday from 9 am-1 pm. Please email if you plan to stop by. If you are unable to make these times, personal items will be sent with your report card pick up.

Friday, June 26th from 9 am-noon is the only scheduled report card pick up and chromebook return. Instructions will be sent to you via email (I will also blog about them once I get them just in case.) If you are unable to make this work, please contact the office for alternative arrangements.

We have our last virtual class devotion and party tomorrow @ 9:30, I hope to see all students there.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


Update on Himalayan Life #Everest2020 Challenge

As a family of 4 we have climbed Everest 1.5 times in past 14 days (that’s 12 943 meters shared between my husband, myself and our two children) and raised $1000 dollars. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and encouragement. The grand total will do so much to help transform lives of children in the Himalayas! 

Together, we can do hard things!

Ms. Froyland

June 15-18th (It’s finally here)

Dear parents and students,

It is finally here! Can you believe it? Just a few more days of learning and you will be through with grade 6 and elementary. Please find the agenda for the week posted below. I will provide details regarding report card pick up/chromebook drop off later this week.

I hope ALL STUDENTS will join THURSDAY, JUNE 18th @ 9:30 am for our final class devotion and VIRTUAL CLASS PARTY! I am looking forward to reflecting on how far students have come this year, the lessons we have learned and celebrating the next steps in their academic journey.

Agenda June 15th-19th

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Agenda for June 8th-12th

Dear parents and students,

Please find the agenda for next week linked below. This week, if you are able, please take a moment to review both Grade 6B and Space Science Google Classroom platforms with your students. Ask them to show you the “stream” page, select the box on the right that will lead you to a list of all assignments due, graded or missing. Please remember I can hold grace for students who have been challenged during this time so if you see something concern do reach out. There are two personal assessments that were due last week. Please check specifically for those as they will help to inform your child’s report card.

Agenda June 8th-12th

(Tentative) Agenda June 8th_9th (1)

Over the next two weeks we will be doing STEM projects. I have an alternative writing project for the kids who would rather not do STEM but I highly recommend the STEM activities. (The writing project is a BIG challenge and rather arduous.) STEM is by nature creative, it promotes problem solving and embodies the growth mindset. Check out this link to understand how STEM activities support students engagement in learning.

I am providing a “suggested” material list for the STEM project this week is. If students are at home, please do use found items or improvise! Students attending HRA for in class instruction will have materials supplied to them by the teacher.






If you were unable to attend the High School Parent meeting on Friday but you would like to watch the meeting follow this link: fah-axmf-xon

Just two more weeks until summer vacation!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Highschool Parent Meeting @ 4:00 today/Calling all work

Just a reminder to parents about the meeting at 4:00pm with Mrs. Lade (see email from Mrs. Lade for details).

Grade 6 students, please check your work. Have you turned in all your assignments? I am working hard this weekend to return them to you! Double check to make sure you have TURNED IN assignments pretty please!

Ms. Froyland

p.s. Blog post with details regarding next week to follow on Sunday.


Grade 7 (Reminder from Mrs. Lade)

The following information was shared last week via email with all Grade 7 parents. Just a reminder for you!


Hello Families:

In the midst of all the excitement that is 2020, we are making plans to welcome your student to our high school department next year! At this point, we have been told to plan for school ‘as usual’ in the fall, and we shall see how things progress as we get closer, but I wanted to make sure to provide you with some information as this important transition approaches. While I’m the Vice Principal at Highroad, I’m also the high school department coordinator, and I oversee the student programs for our grade 7-12 students. I’m a Highroad grad myself, and I have spent most of my life at Highroad. I work with an excellent team of high school teachers and we are all excited to welcome your students.

Usually for grade 7 transition, we do a meeting with the kids that includes a tour, then a parent meeting as well. But of course, this year, things are a bit different.

I am sending you some info to read, then next Wednesday, I will host a Google Meet for all the STUDENTS heading into grade 7 next year, and on Friday, there will be a meeting for all PARENTS/ care givers to answer questions you may have about your students entering the khaki pants phase of Highroad education.

I know that because this is new, it can represent some angst for students and parents, but we are here for you! We do this every year and we consistently work on making this the best process possible for every student and for their families. It starts with providing some info that hopefully will answer some of the questions you have. Please read through the attached info and make it available to your students to read, and I look forward to seeing you and your student at the upcoming meetings.


Mrs. Julie Lade, Vice Principal, Highroad Academy

STUDENT MEETING: Wednesday, June 3 at 1 pm:

Hangouts Meet joining info


PARENT MEETING:  Friday, June 5 at 4 pm:

Hangouts Meet joining info

Ms. Froyland Practices Growth Mindset/LOVE DOES

Dear class,

Starting today, I am embarking on a challenge to climb Mt. Everest (virtually) to remember the street children of Nepal.

Check it out the link and videos.

Please, DO NOT feel any pressure to donate. I simply wanted to share with the students my passion for children of Nepal and model the concepts of Growth Mindset and LOVE DOES in action! We all can do hard things!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


The Everest Challenge

p.s.s we are the Fraser Valley Climbers

Ready or Not!

Dear students and parents,

Monday (June 1st) marks another important milestone for this process of education during this pandemic. Some students will return to school while others will stay home, all students will continue to be embraced as my students! All students will have opportunity to learn and engage in our classroom community.

To be vulnerable, this process has been “great”. At times it has been productive and a good challenge, at times it has felt like too great to bare. Through it all, I have and continue to appreciate your compassion and grace for your children and their teacher!

I am posting the “tentative” plans for next week. I thought for those returning, it might ease parent curiosity to know what the day will look like. For those not returning, our week will look similar to past weeks but might be a little flexible due to a new added aspect of students returning to school.

Agenda June 1st-5th

(Tentative) Agenda June 1st_2nd, 8th_9th, 15th_16th (1)

Please consider we are getting close to the end. This may have been a positive process for your student, this may have been really challenging. Please do read this article. It may help you better understand your attitude or your child’s attitude and feelings as we work to both finish strong and hold awareness for how much we have been asked to face.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

P.S. Maybe some of these images resonate with you, a few did for me!