Checking in

Dear parents and students,

After our second week I want to check in with you to see how your experience has been so far in this “new way” of learning. I hope that you and my students are finding time to breathe in this wild time.

Please take time to copy and paste these questions into an email and respond privately to:

  • How is your child managing the workload?
  • Do you find you are able to provide a manageable amount of support for your child?
  • Does your child require more support than you are able to provide at this time?
  • How is the google class routine working for your child?
  • Do you find the assignment instructions clear?
  • Is there anything that I can do to better meet the needs of your child in their academic pursuits next week?
  • Is there anything else you would love to tell the teacher?

I have come to realize that my teaching practice is built upon the constant feedback I receive from my students (and from you). This “wild new way” of doing things limits the amount of feedback I am receiving. Feedback helps me adjust, plan and shape all that we do. I am committed to considering your ideas and experiences as we move forward.

Please encourage your child to participate regularly in the “morning meeting/devotion.” During this time students connect with their peers, participate in a short devotional and I am able to answer questions to assignments or provide students with specific instructions regarding import topics like digital citizenship and google “meet” etiquette.

(A note on assessment. I am working hard to review student work as it comes in. At this point I do not have a clear idea of how we will be expected to report data collected during this time. I do know students value positive feedback and suggestion for improving their work. Assessment of work also lets me understand concept attainment which informs how we proceed. If you are giving assignment feedback at home consider the three stars and a wish approach. Three things you notice that are well done and one area you “wish” they would consider correcting or adjusting next time.)

Thank you for your continued support and communication.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Kirsten Froyland


April 14th-17th (We are Going to make it through)


Dear Grade 6 students and parents,

Welcome to week two of this new way of doing school. I appreciate your patience and grace as we move forward. I loved this Easter song as it gives me such hope for what is to come, we can do this together!

I have prepared activities for students to work on much the same as last week. You will find the overview of the week posted in this blog post and in the student’s google classroom. Each day assignments will be posted as they come up in the week.

This week we will be exploring an essential question: Who are we becoming? This year we have studied the Love Does devotions and actions of Bob Goff, we have learned about Growth Mindset and we have been practicing setting goals. I think that our work is to keep growing and learning in times of crisis. Whether it is growing in faith, in knowledge, in empathy, in talents, in action; we can all move towards the values and dreams God has directed us towards even now.

An area I am learning to practice grace for myself and my own homeschooling children in that of schedules. This week I am going to try to build my own schedule so that I have time to meet with students and parents as needed but I won’t require you to commit to a weekly meeting. I am open to setting up weekly scheduled meetings if you think that will support your student and your role as a parent, please email me directly to identify a time that might work if this is necessary.

Something new we will try this week is to meet as a class (for whomever is able), a morning Meet to do our daily devotion together. Students are welcome to pop into the link provided in google classroom each morning at 9:30 am to participate. If students are unable to meet during this time, a video recording of the devotion will be available later in the morning on google classroom.

I continue to be curious about your experience at home facilitating and observing this “new way of doing school.” Please do reach out via email and we can make an appointment or you can share your experiences in writing.

Peace grace,

Ms. Froyland






Thank you for your grace and patience!

Dear community,

Thank you for your support, encouragement and involvement this morning! I have had a little bit of feedback from students and parents that will help shaping the coming days and weeks. If something worked really well for you, please let me know. If something was tricky, I want to know that too!

Tomorrow you will find the daily tasks waiting for the students at 8:00 am, along with the corresponding assignments in google classroom.

I have a number of meetings with families tomorrow. The link is in Google Classroom and will be live, please join at your scheduled time.

I appreciate all you are doing on your end!

Grace and peace,

Ms. Froyland


Dear parents and students,

Here we go! Ready or not!

Remember we are starting slowly. Very slow. I will be connecting with all students (and parents if they are able) this week in individual conferences. Sign up at the link:

*I only have 8 meetings scheduled. Please do take time to set up a meeting.

Later in the week we will have some time to connect as a group. Please log into google classroom for all assignments and daily tasks (always select the classwork tab at the top of the screen).

Looking forward to this adventure starting!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland


One of my fears is that students don’t have access to books because of the nature of how the world around us shut down. Visit this online resource to gain access to a library of books for students.

Hint: As parents you can sign your other children up too through the parent access and it is free during school closures due to the COVID 19.


Trust, tomorrow our adventure begins…

A word of encouragement, I know you may be anxious to begin. I have worked hard to get things ready but I too am anxious.

Starting tomorrow a blog post will arrive first thing laying out the plan for the week. After that, at 8 am all the class work for the day will be available to the students on Google Classroom. I will have my Meet(ing) link open if you need to call me or fire off an email to get in touch.

Things to remember:

  • we are starting SLOW
  • do optional activities if your student is looking for more
  • read, read, read
  • PEACE AND GRACE… this is new to us all. Choose connection and calm over anxious feelings and getting it right. There is no right way, this is not normal. We are making the best of a crisis situation.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Tutorial (Logging onto to Google Meet/Classroom)

Good morning parents and students,

Just a quick video for you to see how to get into the google classroom, take a brief tour and then access google Meet too!

Please forgive me, I was feeling camera shy this morning!

IMPORTANT: When you open Google Meet you must ALLOW camera and mic access!

I also mentioned in the video to right click… hahaha you will notice the chromebooks don’t use a mouse (neither do I but I say it all the time still), rather you must tap the trackpad. I don’t use the chromebook, the kids know exactly what to do! Get them to teach you!

Follow the link below.

Ms. Froyland

Conferences with Google Meet

One tool I will be using with students in the coming weeks is Google Meet. It will allow me to conference and teach individual students and groups of students. I can also record sessions or direct instruction and post them to google classroom for future reference.

In order to be sure students are familiar with the process, meeting expectations and to connect with parents after our first few days of distance learning I am asking that each student/parent join me for a brief conference via Google Meet next week.

(Don’t worry, the program is already part of the students google drive and I will provide the link to connect us starting Monday. You can watch a tutorial before our scheduled time to familiarize yourself with the process if you would like at .

Use this FORM to sign up for a time slot. If you are unable to connect in the times provided, please leave me a comment and we can find a solution that works for you!

Simply follow the link below.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Next Steps

Good afternoon Grade 6 community!

What a surprise to have a SNOW DAY! I pray you are all tucked safely away. It was lovely to connect with my families over the phone this week, I felt so encouraged and supported. Thank you for your kind words and patience.

I have adjusted a few details in the main menu of the blog. Please take a look for the Distance Learning heading. I will work to build that resource for you as we move forward. I have added two tutorials for parents that might be worth your time checking out. Is there anything else you would like to see on the blog that may be help for quick reference?

Starting Monday Morning I will post a snapshot of what you can expect for the week. Google classroom will be (hopefully) all set for students to begin. I will be requesting we set up time to “meet” for each student as the week continues (stay tuned).

As we learn the rhythm of this new way of being, know I am testing ideas and technology to build up to a classroom routine that is accessible for my students. It might take us some time to get there. If there is something working really well, please let me now! If there is something that is not working, helping me to understand your experience, this will allow my practice to evolve to better support you and the students. Emails work great, please reach out. I will try to keep to business hours for availability and responses as I strive to manage my work/life/sanity in these uncertain times.

Just a reminder, as next week’s calendar include both Good Friday and Easter Monday. I will not provide learning opportunities those days, so you are able and free to practice your faith as families. As I engage with my own church while practicing social distancing, I have found to be a lovely connecting point for church services.

As I was organizing the blog I noted the upcoming Bible Memory passage selected from Romans 15:4. Such a beautiful passage to reflect upon.

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind towards each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and once voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday morning, please check the blog at 9:00 for instructions (emails will be sent for my subscribers). Students will be directed to our Google Classroom for our first session!

Have a safe and restful weekend!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland