March 29th-April 1st

Hello all,
I hope spring break was a time of rest and play! As we prepare to return to the classroom I am so happy to share with you big news, our dear classmate who has been abroad and we have been praying for is safely home! We will welcome him back to class once his time of quarantine is up.
On Monday we will have to work very diligently as a team to complete our kindergarten Easter project!
Peace and grace,
Ms. Froyland
Mar. 29 – Classes resume
Mar. 31 – Class Photos – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
April 1 – Bible Memory Verse: Ecclesiastes 7:8
April 2 – Good Friday
April 5 – Easter Monday
Apr. 9 – Knights Day
Apr. 14 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
Apr. 14 – Beach Day (All Elementary)
Apr. 16 – Knights Day
Apr. 23 – Interim Reports Cards
Apr. 23 – Knights Day
Apr. 28 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
Apr. 30 – Pro-D Day

Extreme Environment Robots

Driving questions/purpose:

  • I wonder if I can design a robot that can go through a black hole and come out a white hole? Can it withstand the pressure of a wormhole? Will it get sent to the future or the past? Is this even real? Can we prove it?
  • Once my robot goes into a black hole I hope it will not lose contact with earth.
  • My robot will go to Venus, I want my robot to take samples, images and test for water or living things.
  • My robot is going to Saturn to collect materials from the rings and check for water. and further research.
  • I want my robot to go into a black hole to see if there are any unique minerals there, I want my robot to collect samples to bring back to earth.
  • My robot will go to pluto to search for evidence of life, it will also use a camera to explore new planets and capture pictures.
  • I hope my robot will reach Mercury, its purpose is to bring samples back, search for minerals and look for water. I also wonder if there was ever life on Mercury.

Sample of student work for those away…

Humans cannot live on Venus because of the extreme temperatures reaching nearly 462 degrees celsius. Another reason is because the atmosphere pressure is 90 times stronger than earth’s. The atmosphere is hot and thick. You would not be able to survive a visit to the surface of the planet- you couldn’t breath there or you would be crushed by the enormous weight of the atmosphere and you would burn up in the surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead.

Important details about my robot:

  • solar panels activated by the sun
  • tube lines with wires to send pictures to the rocket
  • sensors
  • a rocket
  • communication with earth
  • camera
  • it will travel the speed of astroids (200-400 miles per hour)
  • a rocket dislocates and takes pictures from the rim of Venus’ atmospheric
  • re-entry plan

The most extreme environment Project: Robots


After spring break students will jump into a significant research project exploring extreme environments on earth and in space. To start this unit of study tomorrow students will identify an extreme environment they wish to study in depth, explore the characteristics of this environment and then design and build a prototype robot that could be used to research or perform a specific function in the environment of their choice.

After spring break students will complete a formal research and design a graphic poster to present their findings accompanied by their robot. Students will have an opportunity to show extending creativity, planning and implementation of ideas if they can make their robot move, light up or activate in some manner (although not required). Students may choose to work on this project over spring break if they wish but it is not expected.

I am asking students to bring in found, recycled or repurposed supplies if possible. I apologize for being delayed in this request!

Limited supplies in the classroom include:

  • popsicle sticks
  • hot glue
  • tape
  • paper rolls
  • wooden blocks
  • markers/paint
  • elastic bands
  • construction paper
  • cardboard
  • pipe cleaners

Material ideas for students to bring:

  • foam core board
  • cardboard
  • tin foil
  • (clean) recycling materials
  • bottle caps
  • wires
  • wheels
  • old toys that can be disassembled and utilized
  • old computer parts/old technology that can be disassembled and utilized
  • buttons
  • tooth picks

Spring Little Diggers & Little Hoopsters

Hopefully you found the information form regarding Little Diggers and Little Hoopsters in your child’s planner last night. In the event it didn’t make it home or forgot to mark down the dates you can visit the HRA Athletics blog.  Mr. Milec is hoping to get the forms in to assess numbers before spring break.

For a quick reference of dates and times check out the schedule below.

My understanding of Covid restrictions and procedure is that parents will need to continue to pick up their kiddos after school unless they have an athletic program that starts right away. Parents must pick up students promptly at the end of practices also. Thank you so much for your care and continued diligence in this area!

Front desk wrap up celebration

I would like to thank Ms. Kate Xiang from the HRA International Department and the three Grade 11 international students who visited our class today to help up get a closer look at Chinese culture in three distinct cities!

Ms. Kate generously arranged for students to sample some of the food Mia would have enjoyed with her family from our novel! Lucky students!

All students presented creative projects ranging from extended chapters of the story, informing our class about factory work in Mexico (maquiladoras), skits and artistic sketches to comics.

Great work today class!

Ms. F.


March 8th-12th



*Art work borrowed from

Dear Grade 6 community,

One more week to go until spring break! I am not sure what your experience of this week a year ago was but I remember vividly the tension of the unknown as Covid-19 became a story impacting our lives in the early days of its detection in Canada. It marks the beginning of the never ending spring break and the transition to online learning. Oh how we all stretched and grew in these times!

I want to remind, you your children have grown so much this year. I hope you are celebrating their growth. This year marks a big transition for them! Your children are amazing. They are growing in ways we see and can’t see yet! There is great purpose for their lives, what a foundation they are building. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work of raising perfectly imperfect and growing children you do!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

p.s. Watch for a few photos to be posted up on the blog this afternoon. We will be having a bit of fun as we wrap up our novel the Front Desk!

Class Photos

I am happy to announce that our very own Leah Riley (Three Leaf Photography, HRA photography teacher, Highroad mom and hero of the hour) is willing to do class photos for our school. We have set the date for Wednesday, March 31st which is our first Wednesday back after break. It is a regular uniform day, but students can choose from any of their uniform pieces. We are going to try and do the photos outside on the field, but if the weather is uncooperative, we will use an inside location following all covid safe regulations. The class photos will be made available to you at a later date.

Tentative plan for next week (subject to change):

*Disclaimer ahead: Next week have a number units wrapping up and I am hoping to get the formal assessment in before our break. It is not my desire to induce stress and anxiety. I am just hoping to give the adults a heads up about some of the less fun work ahead. I promise I will balance the assessment with activity and interesting work too!

Science: Space Introduction package due and quiz based on this work on March 12th. All information to be reviewed Monday (work should be completed)!

Social Studies: Students will finish presenting their NGO slide shows based on their research early in the week. On Wednesday there will be a quiz on their studies in this area.

Bible Memory Verse: March 10th- Proverbs 15:8

Math Review/Quiz: Monday review & Tuesday quiz on graphing unit.

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 26 – Knights Day

Mar. 5 – Knights Day/Novel Wrap up

Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day- Costumes should be based on books rather than movie characters. & Bible Memory Verse Quiz- Proverbs 15:8
Mar. 10 – Intermediate Chapel- Worship Team: R.G., N.V., Z.E., E.L., D.T.. *If you are unable to attend please check in with Mrs. Dekoff via email at
Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break
Mar. 29 – Classes resume


Over the past few weeks we have been learning about artist Jenn Aryani’s distinct mountain painting style. Having such an amazing view from our back door I couldn’t resist having the class explore Lhilheqey/Mt. Cheam.

If your interested in the story please go to the link to learn more.



March 1st-5th



Dear parents,

Do you know what a Stem and Leaf Graph is? Can you plot data in this graph and analyze it? Did you know your kiddo is learning how to identify a Stem and Leaf graph, input data, analyze a data set, find the mode, and use the graph to find trends and information?

Interested in understanding what your kiddo is up to? Ask them to walk you through these two problems.

How many grandparents are included in the survey? What is the mode (the most common age of both grandfathers and grandmothers)?

Good luck!

Ms. Froyland


Upcoming dates:

Feb. 26 – Knights Day

Mar. 5 – Knights Day/Novel Wrap up

Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day
Mar. 10 – Intermediate Chapel- Worship Team: R.G., N.V., Z.E., E.L., D.T.. *If you are unable to attend please check in with Mrs. Dekoff via email
Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break
Mar. 29 – Classes resume

Feb. 22-26th

Good morning,

Sorry for the delay in my blog post! Please maintain diligence in daily health checks before school. This is an important aspect of keeping our community safe. If your child is feeling unwell please check the guidelines sent out from HRA to parents for next steps. In compliance with Ministry guidelines, I am now wearing a mask in class unless seated at my desk or at the board. Students in grade 6 are not required to wear a mask at school but are welcome to if that is your preference.

Curious about what we are up to these days in grade six?

  • This week we are wrapping up our novel study work, writing letters to the author and working on an individual project in L.A..
  • Students are exploring graphing in math focusing on Stem and Leaf Plots this week.
  • In Bible students are working collectively to design a Easter scavenger hunt for the kindergarten classes to complete.
  • In science we continue to explore space, students will be working on a few significant research projects in this area!
  • In social studies students are creating posters identifying significant global issues.
  • This week in art students will work on watercolor paintings of winter mountain scenes inspired by the view of Mt. Cheam.
  • Our focus in french this month has been on family vocabulary and introducing the members of our family.
  • We will have a Genius Hour session on Wednesday.
  • Several students from our class will lead chapel on Wednesday.
  • In P.E. we will work on accuracy and strategy in badminton.

If you ask your child what they did in class and they say “nothing,” I can assure you they did many somethings!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Upcoming dates:

Feb. 24 – Pink Shirt Day- Anti Bullying/Chapel (Froyland Team: V.S., A.S., V.B., C.K., R.G., J.J., M.H., Z.E.- check planners)

Feb. 24 – Bible Memory Verse Quiz: 1 Cor. 13:4-7

Feb. 26 – Knights Day

Mar. 5 – Knights Day/Novel Wrap up
Mar. 10 – Storybook Character Day
Mar. 10 – Intermediate Chapel
Mar. 12 – Knights Day/Last Day Before Spring Break
Mar. 29 – Classes resume