Genius Hour (Starting Late Fall)

What is Genius Hour?

Genius Hour is a time set aside in class for students to study a new idea or skill that they choose and are passionate about once a week for a set amount of time.

Why is Genius Hour important?

Students take ownership in their own learning. They learn about something they want to learn about. Genius Hour sparks curiosity, and students have an opportunity to become their own Genius. Genius Hour encourages life-long learning, imagination, perseverance, self-awareness, adaptability, as well as other life-lessons.

How will Genius Hour work in my classroom?

Students will participate in Genius Hour once a week for approximately 45min – 1 hr. After mini-lessons on what is appropriate, students will choose a topic to study with Teacher Approval. Students will be given time in class to work on the project with the teacher serving as a Facilitator. The Facilitator will provide research materials (ie., books, computer, iPads, etc.) for students to explore. As an end project, students must present their topic to an audience.

How does this fit with the BC Curriculum?

The great thing about Genius Hour is, not only do students get to pick something they are passionate about to work on, the work they do on the project and the presentation of their work also naturally ties in with a whole bunch of curriculum objectives and expectations!

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to help. As students decide what they want to do, they will need help expanding their ideas and finding resources. Discussing your child’s ideas and helping with where to find some great resources will be extremely important. As well, while we will provide some basic resources and technology, students may need more specific items that we may not be able to provide. Within reason, assisting your child to bring together the materials they need will help your child be more successful with their project. Finally, teachers may need help in the class during the times they are doing Genius Hour. Once your child’s teacher determines the time they will be doing Genius Hour in the week, letting them know if you are available to assist would be helpful if you are interested in helping. The students will be very excited and the more help we get, the more we can help students stay focused. Please keep in mind that Genius Hour will be going to the end of the school year though we will be breaking it up and taking breaks throughout the year.

We are excited to share this opportunity with your child as we embark on this adventure together in the Intermediate Department.