Thank you/Signing off for the summer


Hello to the new GRADE 7 class!

Just a few housekeeping items to take care of before I sign off for the summer.

Thank you so much for all the kind words, letters, cards, and thoughtful gifts. It really touched my heart to be a part of your journey through this challenging school year.

  1. The students seemed keen to stay in touch over the summer. Sometimes the apps and platforms used online for this can be risky, if you are concerned your child is being targeted online, check out this link for support:
  2. You can officially unsubscribe to the blog!
  3. I look forward to hearing all about your safe summer adventures in the fall, be sure to stop by portable 6 to say hello.

Have a safe and lovely summer! Remember to love generously and learn constantly!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland



Dear future grade 7 students,

You have made it. This year has been unique! I am so thankful to have been able to call myself your teacher for the past ten months. Know you have taught me a great deal! 

My student, may you grow in faith, wonder and curiosity. May you always love generously and learn constantly. Be safe this summer. Shine light in the world, do not be afraid. You are just who you need to be, who God needs you to be. Know your teacher is proud of you. Go in peace! 


Ms. Froyland


Dear parents of future grade 7 students,

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of teaching your children. This year, although did not unfold as we might have predicted is marked with growth from each of your children.

I have appreciated your kind words and the support you have offered your children as we navigated the uncertainty of these times.

Your children are remarkable. They will do great things, they are ready for the next phase of learning. Continue to encourage them to grow in independence and confidence. Believe in them, hold space for both their mistakes and their victories for there will be many. Help them to learn constantly and love generously.

Be safe this summer, explore, adventure and rest.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland



*This class has loved music so much, I have only permitted them to listen to limited music in class but as a final project the kids have compiled a list of songs (mostly christian) that make them happy, pump them up, encourage them, lift them up when sad and calm them down. I tried to moderate the contributions. Not all songs are for everything one and that is okay too. You are welcome to use this link to access the students play list compiled this week in class. If there are any questionable songs, please email me to alert me and I will address those selections. 

Last one Best one! June 14th-18th

Dear grade 6 community,

Please find the events for the final week of grade 6! As I have been working on report cards I have become nostalgic for the year that has passed, so much growth has happened this year. The students in grade 6 have experienced so many lessons from fractions to learning be love in their community and all the things in between. As we walk through the final days of this year and the students prepare to step into the the next chapter in their education we continue to practice being loving, brave and courageous.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Fun Day (Tuesday, June 15th):

Summer is almost upon us . . . . and you know what that means!!!!!
Intermediate Fun Day!!!!!
Despite the challenges of COVID and the closing of venues, the Intermediate Teachers have tried to put together a fun day of games, activities and water!!
On Tuesday, Jun 15, the Intermediates will head outside for some outdoor fun starting at 10:55 and running until 2:35 with breaks for lunch. This will happen rain or shine and hopefully the weather will cooperate with us. One of our exciting events is an inflatable water slide which will be on the field. Students should be prepared to get wet and bring the following items:
  • Clothes/apparel students can waterslide in (appropriate swimwear only – no swimwear that too much skin)
  • Clothes for students to change into after water events
  • Towel
  • Hats and sunscreen (We’re still hopeful!!!!)
  • lunches and snack
We’re hoping for a great full of fun and laughter.

Upcoming Dates:

June 11- Year books come home. If you wish to purchase additional year books contact the office.

June 14 – Last Monday of Grade 6-Bring a few extra shopping bags or backpack to start class clean out!

June 15 – Fun Day!
June 16 – Intermediate Chapel/Chapel Leadership Team: K. Yu, J. Goodwin, L. MacAulay, D. Turner, Z. Ellis, A. Shaw, V. Shoniwa
June 18 – Last Day of School – Half Day (12:00)/Report Cards


June 7th-11th

Me again!
Sorry for all the posts lately, this is the last of the week I promise. Please congratulate all athletes today. When I checked in for their HIGH/LOW/CHEER (something good/something hard today/someone who lifted them up somehow) they mostly responded with a success in one track event, a track event that pushed their limit and a friend or classmate who spoke encouraging words to them! Such a proud day for me as a teacher, it is so fun to see my class fly!
Peace and grace,
Ms. Froyland

Upcoming dates:

June 4 – Intermediate Track Meet @HRA
June 7- Highschool Tour (grade 6 in school 1:45)/Parent Meeting: Link to be emailed by Mrs. Lade
June 8-Neuron Label Quiz
June 9- Bible Verse (no memory) Psalm 121
Chapel Team: Jaison, Michael, Riley, Jadon, Emma, Lyla, Zyana
June 15 – Intermediate Fun Day
June 18 – Last Day of School (HALF DAY-pick up at noon)

Every Child Matters-Grade 6 Reflections

Dear grade 6 community,

This week we remember those lost, those who continue to suffer and those who are lifting their voices. In class we have shared our responses to the news from Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc territory and the Kamloops Residential School. We have spent time praying at the memorial created by students at HRA in the field, we also wrote Haiku poems to process our feelings. I have included a few resources you might be interested in exploring on your own or with your child. Find the link to the students writing at the bottom of the post.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc: (Kamloops First Nation)

First Nation Education Steering Committee

Cindy Blackstock: The First Nations Caring Society

Tanya Tagac: 2018 Massey Lectures

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond (Investigation into Indigenous specific racism in health care)

Indigenous Stories for Kids:

Indigenous Books for Adults:

Grade 6 Poetry:

Haiku -Response to Discovery at the Kamloops Residential School

*Hopefully this works better, the last link didn’t work.