Water bottles/Hats/Sunscreen/Footwear

Just a quick note to remind parents:

  • shoes/sandals need to fit within HRA uniform policy
  • students will NOT be permitted to wear sandals in PE
  • all students MUST HAVE WATER BOTTLES in PE (we are training for track and field and will be outside for most PE sessions). You might consider sending a secondary water bottle to avoid students going into the school to fill water bottles (yet another covid complication)!
  • I notice students drinking more water during the day with masks on, it is always great to stay hydrated, all students are welcome to keep a water bottle at their desks!
  • students are encouraged to wear sunscreen and hats outdoors as the weather improves

April 19th-23rd

Dear grade 6 community,

This week students worked SO hard in grade 6! Thank you for your support from home. As the weather improves, students tend to transition from the first photo to the later, how fitting the photographer captured this sentiment! While this may be the trend, our little class continue to grow academically, socially and engage in their tasks. A big thanks to Leah Riley for making class photos possible in these strange times.

Interim reports will come home on April 23rd. These are a general snapshot of how term two has progressed for your child. It is a time to dig out that first term report card, examine goals, check in and set a course for the final part of their grade 6 journey (and elementary experience)!

You will be hearing from Mrs. Lade (High School Vice principal) in the coming weeks regarding transition plans for grade 7! Change is coming, however, let us also enjoy this time in grade 6 without worrying for the future. God has your children’s bright future in his hands! They are on the best path for them. Continue to guide them, love them, encourage them and hold them accountable. The good habits they develop now will serve their future!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

P.s. Have you noticed changes in your child’s emotional regulation? Are they more interested in listening to adult conversations? Has their ability to consider abstract concepts improved? Their brains are changing. Follow the link to see how you child’s brain continues to develop and grow!


Upcoming dates:

April 21- Bible Memory Verse Test: 1 Chronicles 16:33
April 23 – Interim Reports Cards come home
April 23 – Knights Day
April 28 – Intermediate Chapel (N. Harder, J. Orell, J. Scholtz, R. Goosen, J. Lee, Z. Ellis, K. Yu, E. Larsson)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Isaiah 55:12
April 30 – Pro-D Day


Please note REVISED DATE:

Elementary/HS end dates – June 18 for elementary (12:00pm) 

Math Homework: Long Division (Plea for support)


Dear parents,

We are currently working on the dreaded LONG DIVISION in math. I promise I don’t use new methods to confuse you, rather we use this methods to help students build their math sense.

Today students have been assigned p. 72- (Cheetah’s 3. c,e,g 4. b,c 5. a,b,e 6. all 8. all/Jaguars complete assignment).

All (answer after we divide one number by another. dividend ÷ divisor =) quotients have decimals (not remainders). Please present quotients to the thousandths and stop or indicate it is a repeating decimal.

Are you wondering which cat your kiddos is? This week we decided to give code names to the kiddos who work really hard in math but take a little longer to practice new skills. Cheetah’s need to practice the math concept but have a reduced number of questions. Jaguars often are able grasp the concept at a little quicker pace and therefore will do a few more questions to strengthen their skills. At this time I am letting students privately decide their group as they know themselves and their abilities. (The choice can be empowering.) Don’t worry, if you think you have a jaguar who is acting like a cheetah I am also checking in to make sure they are being accountable and challenging themselves.

An important note about homework, I work pretty hard in class to provide enough time to complete tasks. If students don’t get through their work I will often modify the assignment or provide time to work on it later. Sometimes kiddos have homework though for a few reasons that usually are based on individuals. In grade 7, the homework load will increase. Students will be accountable to several teachers and this will be evident in their grades. While we (intermediates) are shifting to a scale based assessment on meeting expectations, in grade 7 students will have percentages and missed assignments greatly impact grades.

We have had a few projects lately that have had a deadlines. Students have been given as much time as we can afford to complete in class the assignment. For example, students were given three 30 min blocks to copy the Ma Famille script (had done ahead and was checked). During these 90 mins, students were expected to sketch basic pictures of their family, transfer their script and practice pronouncing their vocabulary to prepare for a presentation.  After 90 mins of class time I set the due date for this Monday and presentations on Thursday.

On Monday I had 13 students present with work unfinished. Students have had a chance to complete these booklets and submit them again. The bigger picture is that we are working on accountability! Please help support your student by checking their planner. With the arrival of spring weather, students would rather not do home work. I get it! I will try to make sure they don’t have much, but they too need to focus and use time well to ensure they avoid dreaded homework. We have few weeks left to focus and achieve the goals we set out at the beginning of the year!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

p.s. If you have questions, I generally check my email right after school or once during the evening.

Invitation/April 12th-16th



Dear grade six community,

In addition to your weekly update I wanted to extend an invitation to a special event happening in Yarrow on April 30th. Himalayan Life is hosting a drive-in film festival. There are a limited number of tickets and a cost per car (but I can assure you it will be something to remember and proceed go to this amazing non-profit organization). My experience in Nepal has taught me so much and had a profound impact on my career.

There is great darkness in the world, and yet the light is undeniable. Himalayan Life helps to shine light in dark places throughout the Himalayan region. In a time when things seem to be locking down locally due to covid, I find it helpful to have something to look forward to! Please consider joining my family for this neat local film festival and learn more about life a world away.

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

Ps. I appreciate your prompt pick up after school so much! Due to Covid, staff need to leave school ASAP in order for the school to be sanitized for the following day. This spring I will be coaching Sr. girls soccer on Mondays right after school and taking a professional development course on Thursdays. If a student is not picked up, I am unable to fulfill my after school duties until they have been taken into your care.

Reminder about Little Hoopsters (Wednesday) and Little Diggers (Tuesday), please continue to pick students up after school at regular time and provide your own supervision until programing starts. Again, thank you so much for your cooperation in these strange times! We are all doing our best to provide our best for students within the current limitation.

Upcoming Events:

April 12th- Ma Famille (mini-book) due

April 14 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Galatians 5:22 & Beach Day (All Elementary)
April 15- Ma Famille presentations
April 16 – Knights Day
April 21- Bible Memory Verse Test: 1 Chronicles 16:33
April 23 – Interim Reports Cards
April 23 – Knights Day
April 28 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Isaiah 55:12
April 30 – Pro-D Day




Happy Easter- April 6th-9th

Dear parents,

With all the chaos covid creates this song brings me back to a posture of hope and grace on days it is more challenging to journey gently. “We are not alone, for it is grace that makes us whole. May we grow in love… We are going to make it through.”

Students will be required to wear masks in class next week. I will do my best to give the kids extra breaks to get fresh air or work outside. Consider sending multiple masks for students in one day (they tend to get a little soggy). Breath mints are a nice way to freshen up when wearing masks, popping a container into lunch kits or for desks might help easy some of the discomfort children. As always, health checks are important to keep up to protect the school community if kiddos are unwell.

Please continue to pray for all front line workers and those in our community touched by heart ache and hardship in these times. Thank you for all you are doing to keep our community safe!

Remember next week is the start of Little Hoopster and Little Diggers!

Peace and grace,

Ms. Froyland

P.s. In case you are curious, we are working on:

Math: Multiplication and division

Socials: Inequality (globally and within our own borders- community, province and nation)

Science: Space

Language Arts: Descriptive writing project

French: Ma Famille

P.E.: Fitness (there might be a few sore muscles again tomorrow)

Bible: Fruits of the Spirit/Exploring the Bible (Scavenger hunt)

Art: Sketching and collaborative project (if you have cherry blossom branches you can spare it would be lovely to use them for a life drawing session next week!)


Upcoming dates:

April 2 – Good Friday
April 5 – Easter Monday
April 7 – Bible Memory Verse Test: Ecclesiastes 7:8
Apr. 9 – Knights Day
Apr. 14 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Galatians 5:22 & Beach Day (All Elementary)
April 16 – Knights Day
April 21- Bible Memory Verse Test: 1 Chronicles 16:33
April 23 – Interim Reports Cards
April 23 – Knights Day
April 28 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)/Bible Memory Verse Test: Isaiah 55:12
April 30 – Pro-D Day

Easter Activity

Please ask your student about the Easter Activity and the message behind the book “Sparrow’s Easter Song” tonight. Grade 6 students planned, implemented and created a BEAUTIFUL time of fellowship and connection for the kindie classes today. All students demonstrated grace, maturity and love.

Class Picture tomorrow-Little Hoopsters and Diggers

Class Photos:

Please send students to school in appropriate uniform apparel tomorrow. Students will not be permitted to wear BLACK HRA hoodies in the photo but are welcome to were NAVY.

Little Hoopsters/Diggers:

If you are keen to sign up your child but have not done so yet, please get those registrations to the office ASAP or connect with Mr. Milec.


Visit the link for the permission form below.


*Please remember students are to be picked up by their parents after school as you have done all year. I understand the timing doesn’t work perfectly for our student to go from class at the end of the day to practice. Please make arrangements (maybe connect with other parents to share childminding weeks) as the school cannot accommodate supervision of students at this time due to covid restrictions.


March 29th-April 1st

Hello all,
I hope spring break was a time of rest and play! As we prepare to return to the classroom I am so happy to share with you big news, our dear classmate who has been abroad and we have been praying for is safely home! We will welcome him back to class once his time of quarantine is up.
On Monday we will have to work very diligently as a team to complete our kindergarten Easter project!
Peace and grace,
Ms. Froyland
Mar. 29 – Classes resume
Mar. 31 – Class Photos – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
April 1 – Bible Memory Verse: Ecclesiastes 7:8
April 2 – Good Friday
April 5 – Easter Monday
Apr. 9 – Knights Day
Apr. 14 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
Apr. 14 – Beach Day (All Elementary)
Apr. 16 – Knights Day
Apr. 23 – Interim Reports Cards
Apr. 23 – Knights Day
Apr. 28 – Intermediate Chapel (TBA chapel team)
Apr. 30 – Pro-D Day

Extreme Environment Robots

Driving questions/purpose:

  • I wonder if I can design a robot that can go through a black hole and come out a white hole? Can it withstand the pressure of a wormhole? Will it get sent to the future or the past? Is this even real? Can we prove it?
  • Once my robot goes into a black hole I hope it will not lose contact with earth.
  • My robot will go to Venus, I want my robot to take samples, images and test for water or living things.
  • My robot is going to Saturn to collect materials from the rings and check for water. and further research.
  • I want my robot to go into a black hole to see if there are any unique minerals there, I want my robot to collect samples to bring back to earth.
  • My robot will go to pluto to search for evidence of life, it will also use a camera to explore new planets and capture pictures.
  • I hope my robot will reach Mercury, its purpose is to bring samples back, search for minerals and look for water. I also wonder if there was ever life on Mercury.

Sample of student work for those away…

Humans cannot live on Venus because of the extreme temperatures reaching nearly 462 degrees celsius. Another reason is because the atmosphere pressure is 90 times stronger than earth’s. The atmosphere is hot and thick. You would not be able to survive a visit to the surface of the planet- you couldn’t breath there or you would be crushed by the enormous weight of the atmosphere and you would burn up in the surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead.

Important details about my robot:

  • solar panels activated by the sun
  • tube lines with wires to send pictures to the rocket
  • sensors
  • a rocket
  • communication with earth
  • camera
  • it will travel the speed of astroids (200-400 miles per hour)
  • a rocket dislocates and takes pictures from the rim of Venus’ atmospheric
  • re-entry plan